Cool Energy® is a family founded company that began in March 2006. During a family Christmas brainstorming session, a vision to economically generate clean energy from abundantly available sources emerged. We initially developed an innovative and pioneering Stirling engine, called the SolarHeart® Engine, which converts low-temperature input heat (150°C to 400°C) into electricity. When we first set up shop in 2006, our idea was to benefit homes and small buildings by using solar thermal energy to create electricity with our technology. Not so long into our endeavor we discovered a much larger need for what is now known as the ThermoHeart® Engine in the waste heat recovery arena.


We believe that products which reduce fossil fuel consumption should be manufactured with as little environmental impact as possible. Cool Energy® is committed to saving people real money, while preserving the environment and society from further unnecessary pollution burdens. It is the collective personal and professional lifestyles of the Cool Energy® team that drives the success of this business.