BOULDER, CO, January 6, 2010–Cool Energy, Inc., a developer of clean energy heat and power generating systems, today announced the performance of its Stirling engine, called the SolarHeart® Engine, has surpassed its specified electrical power output of 1,500 watts.

“It is very satisfying to have achieved this major milestone,” said Sam Weaver, CEO and President of Cool Energy. “To generate over 1,500 watts of power from low temperature heat sources, with zero combustion or emissions, is a real testament to our engineering team. We believe this advancement will help change the way we use energy in homes and buildings. We are looking forward to our next phase of deployment this year when we begin to install field trials around the world.”

For the past three years, Cool Energy has designed and assembled low temperature Stirling engines that convert low–grade heat energy into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is directly converted to electrical power by means of an integrated generator. This Cool Energy SolarHeart® Engine is now in its third generation and has exceeded its specified electrical power output of 1,500 watts running at a hot–side temperature of 230 ºC, and a cold–side temperature of 10 ºC. A low–cost breakthrough in the piston/cylinder seal design was a major factor in this achievement.

The SolarFlow® System solution will be primarily marketed through certified integrators and distributors throughout the northern United States, Canada, and Europe. Volume production for the SolarHeart Engine is scheduled for 2011 and pilot systems will be fielded in the interim to gather important performance and reliability data. The first pilot is to be installed on the campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder. In addition to solar applications, the engine can generate electricity from biomass and waste heat sources. As there is no combustion or pollution generated from this engine, approximately 10,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions can be avoided annually by each installed SolarFlow System.

About Cool Energy, Inc.

Cool Energy, Inc. is a clean energy technology development company that has developed the SolarFlow® System—a combined solar thermal heating and electrical power generation system, optimized for homes and small commercial buildings. The SolarFlow System incorporates the SolarHeart® Engine, an innovative and proprietary low temperature Stirling engine for conversion of solar thermal energy and waste heat to electricity.

Winner of the 2009 Clean Tech Open regional Sustainability Award, Cool Energy has received grant funding from the National Science Foundation and the State of Colorado Governor’s Energy Office. For more information please contact us.