SolarFlow® System will enabled building owners to cut their energy bills by as much as 75% and can provide annual returns of 20% through the renewable generation of both heat and power.

Imagine a energy system that uses only the free fuel from the sun to generate heat and electrical power, day and night, all year long. This is possible through the use of Cool Energy’s novel heat engine technology combined with standard solar thermal collectors, thermal storage andand our SolarSmart™ Controller system. Each SolarFlow System installation emits zero pollution and offsets approximately six tons of carbon dioxide pollution per year. Economics for the SolarFlow System are most favorable in colder climates such as the northern U.S., Canada and Europe.

Installation of new solar thermal collectors for test (read more)

Installation of new solar heating and power system (read more)

The components of the SolarFlow® System include the SolarHeart® Engine which incorporates Stirling engine technology, solar thermal collectors*, thermal storage, a hot water & space heater, and the SolarSmart™ Controller, a  instantaneous control system to create the highest value from the system to the owner. The SolarFlow System provides the lowest cost of energy (heat and electricity) of any renewable energy system (also see waste heat recovery applications).


Installation of new solar heating and power system

The SolarFlow® System has two unique applications, depending upon the needs of the building. The system can produce heat and it can generate electricity. The system delivers solar electricity when heat from the solar thermal collectors is not needed in the host buildings. When surplus heat is available from the solar collectors, the system produces electricity

monthy energy generated

During the winter months, most of the energy from the collectors is used to heat the building’s living space. In the summer time, the system’s engine converts that thermal energy to electricity when it is needed the most. Peak utility electrical loading requirements are better matched with the SolarFlow System than Solar PV due to the thermal storage feature that enables electricity production throughout the day (even when cloudy) and night.

pie charts

SolarFlow® System in an average size US home provides up to:
80% of heat, 100% of hot water and 60% of electricity

* Solar Thermal Collectors must achieve a minimum stagnation temperature of 250°C (475°F) for optimal engine performance.