Over 30% Efficiency Measured

Cool Energy is pleased to announce that it has begun testing of its 5th generation, 25kW ThermoHeart Engine, and initial results are outstanding! After 75 early run hours, we have measured thermal to electrical conversion efficiencies of over 30%! This is a fantastic result for the 310C hot side and 10C cold side test conditions, perhaps the best performance ever at sub-combustion temperatures. We have also hit an electrical output of 13kW with a test system that can deliver about half of the thermal energy needed for full electricity production from this engine. This is a promising result, indicating that with sufficient thermal input we will hit the 25kW design output at 400C hot, 20C cold. Testing has been suspended for a few weeks as we upgrade to our new high-capacity test system, but should resume in the second week of December 2015. This generation of engine includes all of the learning we have accumulated from the prior 4 generations to achieve this remarkable performance. So far we have designed, built, and tested four very different engine configurations, and this is clearly the best of all layouts. We have submitted a patent application for this design to complement our 8 issue and 2 pending patents. We look forward to more testing in December with engineers from our Schneider Electric partner, and will publicize more results as they are measured. This lower temperature range may be where the Stirling engine finally shines as the most efficient and economical way to generate electricity!

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