Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if the ThermoHeart™ Engine will work for my application?

The ThermoHeart™ Engine can be used with any heat source in the engine’s optimal input temperature range of 150-400°C, and heat flow range of 40-150 liters/min. The following are examples of possible applications:

  • Commercial and industrial processes
    • Diesel Generators (remote and military uses)
    • Biomass processing
    • Geothermal
    • Solar Thermal
    • Ship engines

2.  Is the ThermoHeart™ Engine reliable?

The ThermoHeart™ Engine is designed for a 70,000 hour maintenance-free life. There is no lubrication required as all bearings are sealed.

3.  What is the forecasted cost of the ThermoHeart™ Engine?

We estimate the market cost of the 25kW engine to be ~ $50,000 USD

4. When will the ThermoHeart™ engine be commercially available ?

Cool Energy is currently delivering pilot 25kW engines to qualified partners. Once the pilot phase is complete, Cool Energy will be selling the systems through certified dealers. With continued success and demand for our prototype engines, Cool Energy’s goal is to ramp production in mid 2016. The 25kW ThermoHeart™ engine will be the first model commercially available.

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